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FOSSASIA 2021: My Showmewebcam talk and more

I will be talking about Showmewebcam at the FOSSASIA 2021 summit next week on March 15. The presentation is titled "Building an open-source webcam with a Raspberry Pi for Work, Play, and Education," in the Hardware, Firmware, Chips track. In 15-20 minutes, I will be talking about how to leverage the Raspberry Pi as a general-purpose gadget to make it a versatile tool for remote conferencing with an emphasis on education. I will also be talking about general software development philosophy, and how to maintain the project as a hobby.

By the way, the summit has quite a bit of interesting talks that I also look forward to attending:

  • Bunnie Huang's Keynote: "Precursor: Trustable Open Hardware For Everyday Use." Bunnie is a huge source of inspiration for me personally and is hilarious to listen to. The precursor is a open source hardware phone that has very strange goals that are to provide trust to users who are very concerned about privacy.
  • Panel: "What's Next in Open Source Firmware and Open Hardware." Lots of respectable voices, and I'm sure they know a lot of things we don't.
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman's Keynote "Linux Kernel Development." GKH is a legend and as I want to learn more about Linux kernel development in the long run, I am eager to learn from him.
  • Seeed Studio's Eric Pan's "How Open Ecosystem Empowers Developers to Digitalize Industries." I have more than once get hardware from Seeed and would love to hear their perspectives on hardware.
  • Huyen Chip's "Machine learning for scalable applications" - I want to get into Machine learning eventually but haven't got the time to do it. Perhaps I can start somewhere.
  • "Open Street Map x Grab - a model for successful open collaboration with the community" As a taxi driver, I love everything Grab.

The conference is free to register, so if you're interested, please register and add it to your calendar. Lurking from my event link below should give you the links to all the talks. You can add any event to your calendar so it reminds you when to join. The timing is odd for North American friends but should be very convenient for friends in Vietnam. I will hang out to answer any questions you might have for the project after the presentation. Your support is a huge encouragement for me to work on odd projects such as this one.

Link to event