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Please look at my Google Scholar Profile for a list of my publications.

Active Public Projects

  • EzPi4ME - Easy Raspberry Pi image creation for removing the Intel ME. Make it dead simple for you to disable Intel ME on Chromebooks and Thinkpads. Experimental. Use with extrme care.

  • High-altitude Balloon - Collaborating with Dustin Mayfield-Jones, Derek Sigler, Don Bindner, et al. Yes we launch balloons to near-space. We’re looking for people with the same passion: If you are interested, we are pretty open to anyone.

Past/Abandoned/Minimally maintained Projects

  • Oryza blogging-as-a-service. As a server, it enables hosting and deploying multiple blogs/sites hosted on the git version control system. As a client, it generates a static site from a jekyll-like site structure. Runs on Windows, OS X, Linux.

  • H. Truong. Improving Peer-learning Effectiveness with Natural Dialog in SimStudent. Summer research project for Undergraduate. Carnegie Mellon University. Jul 2011.

  • D. Bindner, H. Truong. Creating Thin-Client Workstations Using Ubuntu. Presentation, Download. HELIX Conference. Missouri Research and Education Network. Mar 2011.

  • Team 9872: Truman State University: S. Smith, H. Truong, et al. The Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM) 2011. Honorable Award for Discrete Problem’s Solution. Apr 2011.

  • Chumby Webkit+Qt4. Custom webkit backend for the Chumby internet enabled alarm clock. Featured on Engadget. Code.

  • Chronos OTP Firmware. Firmware for the Texas Instrument’s Chronos Watch. Enables Google Two-Factor sign in. Featured on Hackaday, Code.

  • GenieMon. Software application enabling Real-time monitoring of lab computers and generating statistical reports for lab usage. Live system.

  • Sophia Keyboard. Vietnamese smart keyboard, based on fuzzy word matching. 1000+ installs. Play Store

  • Unikey Legacy. A Unikey Vietnamese Keyboard Driver distribution for easier installation, deployment, update and maintenance for end-users and system administrators. Fixes some Unikey’s annoying behaviors. Download.

  • Viet Lunar Calendar. This gadget displays corresponding Lunar date corresponding to today or any solar date. Download.

  • 1911 player. Lightweight, static HTML5 player, to stream music from the Raspberry Pi. Code.