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Sophia, my wisdom on your phone

I recently wrote a Vietnamese keyboard driver during the week I’m off for Easter.

The idea with that keyboard is that one doesn’t have to type the annoying Vietnamese accents when they type Vietnamese anymore, just type as if they are typing English and the software will be smart enough to ‘guess’ what they want to say.

The app is called Sophia (click here to get it) (for wisdom) and it’s pretty badass. I think it gets most of what I want to say right.

It’s overwhelmed with positive reviews and raves 24 hours after release.

This is really crazily great. Words can’t describe how excited I am now.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Update on 2017-02-09: Privacy Policy

According to the new Google Play Privacy Policy, I will have to declare the app privacy policy. The app needs the READ_CONTACTS permission to suggest potential contact matches for the typing words. The list of contacts is never transmitted outside of the app to any server online. I do not collect, store or handle any of the user data.