Huan Truong

Notes from a developer


Self help

Lately, I have read and watched several useful advice in general. I'm normally not the type of "seft-help" person, but I have found those to ring true for me:

One thing I'd love to add is that is to make friends with people: People who are older.younger than you, people that don't do stuff you do, people with radically different ideas and lifestyles, people in different countries/cultural backgrounds, people who are successful and unsuccessful. The further your reach, the more you'll grow.

If it is possible, you should find ways to talk to people you adore. Many people will spend the time to talk back to you. They will be the fuel in your life when you need advice, help, inspirations.

If you're a person in STEM, you should listen carefully to/date people studying arts, literature, social studies, education, politics… Never ever look them down as not as smart as you are. Think of people who don't think the way you do as being different rather than inferior to you. This is easier said then done, if you have a good job and in general, probably have a higher position in the food chain compared to them.