Huan Truong : Testimonial: 'What a friendly-sounding Asian chap.' -- commenter on Engadget

I am Huan Truong. The joy of discovering and the joy of making are among the forces that keep me going every day. I’m on the way of being a hacker by nature and a scientist by training.

I’m working for Informatics Institute University of Missouri as a graduate research assistant in Bioinformatics in the Gavin’s lab. As an undergraduate student, I have been working for Truman State University and Carnegie Mellon University. In summer 2015, I am going to work at The Genome Institute of Singapore.

Links: My CV / My Phone/Email/Vcard / twitter @huant.


  • Bioinformatics: Big data, algorithm development, phylogenetics, biological system modeling, molecular evolution.
  • Informatics/Information theory: Cryptography, data integrity and security.
  • Novel architectures: Embedded processors (MSP, AVR, ARM), distributed and heterogeneous parallel systems (NVidia CUDA), embedded software and firmware development (Android, iOS). I passed MITx 6002x electronics and circuits with Grade A when MOOC was a new thing, too.
  • Linguistics: Natural language processing, Formal languages and compilers.
  • Education: Teaching, educational technologies, MOOC and educational software.